Host Schools

Educational Services, LLC. invites schools to participate in the International TeachAlliance Program, a rewarding cultural exchange program to hire qualified international educators for your school.

Bring the world into your classrooms by hosting an international educator in your school for a one to three-year exchange program, with the possibility to extend to five years. Exchange teachers inspire globally-minded students by bringing increased international awareness and in-depth cross-cultural understanding into your school. International educators offer unique professional techniques and diverse educational strategies as they share ideas and collaborate with your teaching staff.

Participating exchange teachers are qualified international educators with years of teaching experience in their home country. All International TeachAlliance teachers have a verified university degree, an advanced English level, and exceptional professional references. ESI conducts a psychometric screening in teaching skills, cognitive ability, as well as personality, attitude and character.

The J-1 Teacher Cultural Exchange Program is a program of the U.S. State Department to promote global understanding through educational and cultural exchanges.

“U.S. schools have the power to build international bridges, break down cultural barriers through immersion in the American educational system and inspire a love of other cultures and languages in your students.” - U.S. State Department

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