SingleCare Program


The SingleCare program is a new initiative focused on making healthcare affordable for everyone – We are pleased to offer this FREE program to all ESI employees.


SingleCare for members from SingleCare on Vimeo.

SingleCare is a healthcare company that reduces the cost of all of your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Your membership is free since you are an employee at Educational Services, Inc. SingleCare members benefit by receiving access to negotiated prices on a wide range of services without the burden of any sign up or monthly fees. You search for providers, compare prices online, and pay only for the services that you use.

SingleCare is not insurance. However, your SingleCare membership provides discounts on a wide range of healthcare services like outpatient healthcare visits, prescriptions, dental and vision services, chiropractic and physical therapy and other health-related services that your insurance may not cover. If you have no insurance at all, SingleCare can reduce your healthcare expenses immediately.

Here are some common ways that ESI employees use this program:

  • A solution to receive healthcare services at a discounted rate: You may not have medical coverage currently, or you may not be eligible for ESI’s benefit programs due to part-time or variable-hour work status. If you don’t have insurance at all, SingleCare can reduce your healthcare expenses immediately by providing discounted rates for services that you use.
  • An alternative solution to your current benefit limits and exclusions: Insurance may not cover certain types of services. In some cases, there might be waiting periods or visit limits. In those situations, SingleCare may provide a great way to access the services you need at affordable prices.
  • Out-of-network providers: Sometimes the doctor or dentist that you want to see may not accept your insurance. If that provider accepts SingleCare, you now have a way to see the doctor or dentist you want at affordable prices.

A SingleCare coordinator is ready to assist you with any question that you might have. Simply call toll-free at 1-800-323-1174 for more information, Monday - Friday from 9am - 9pm (Eastern Time).