Inspire, Educate, Achieve

When Students Are Inspired, Amazing Things Can Happen

Based out of the National University System, Inspire celebrates and develops inspirational educators through on-demand courses and resources at no cost. Through teacher training, Inspire supports social and emotional learning and inspirational instruction in the PK-12 classroom and in courses with our partner universities. We recommend Inspire Leading In Learning because—simply put—they get it.


A Mission With Meaning

Inspire Leading In Learning materials, provide teachers with personalized professional development that supports them in leading students to significant social and academic gains. By visiting the Inspire Leading In Learning website teachers may obtain the following:

  • FREE, self-guided online courses
  • Research-based
  • Professional Development certificate awarded upon completion
  • Course certificates count toward ADE recertification


On-Demand Modules



Motivation theory; engaging influencers and role models; culture of achievement; investment in learning; engagement

Student Growth & Achievement

Setting goals; tracking progress; assessment