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+When do I get paid?

Paydays depend on your work location. Click the Payday Calendar button above to select your work location and view your payday calendar. You can download the PDF to your device for future reference.

+Who sets my pay rate?

Whether you are a substitute employee or a return-to-work retiree, the district (or organization where you work) sets your pay rate.

+Who do I contact if I have questions about my pay?

You can call us directly at (480) 719-3271 or send us an email to payroll@esiaz.us.

+Where can I find my paystubs? (video)

Login to the Employee Portal and navigate to Pay > Pay History. Select the check you would like to view and click "View Paystub" then "View Check". Check out our video tutorial for more details.

+How do I update my direct deposit information? (video)

To update your direct deposit information, login to the Employee Portal. Check out our video tutorial for more details.

+Where should I have Verifications of Employment (VOE) sent?

Whether you're applying for a loan or need a statement of employment with ESI, the request must be made in writing, and any forms that need to be completed should be submitted to our payroll team at payroll@esiaz.us or faxed to (480) 535-9118.

Required Documents

Find out what documents qualify for E-Verify.

Get a list of the required documents you need to provide by answering a few quick questions.


Ways to submit certification and IVP cards:

E-Verify Employment Eligibility documents

+What is an IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card and why do I need one?

Please see the following PDF document regarding IVP Fingerprint Clearance Cards. ESI Fingerprint Card Policy (PDF)

+Why do I have to bring my E-Verify documents in person?

It is a federal requirement to present your employment eligibility documents for the I-9 and E-Verify process to your employer or authorized representative, per the Department of Homeland Security.

Time Sheet & Time Off Form

+How do I request paid sick time (PST) as a substitute employee (SubSource)? (video)

Watch our video explaining how to request paid sick time as a substitute employee:

+How do I request paid time off (PTO) as a RetireRehire employee? (video)

Watch our video explaining how to request paid time off as a RetireRehire employee:


+How do I update my tax withholding preferences?

To update your state and federal tax withholding, log in to the Employee Portal and navigate to the Tax section. From here, you will be able to make any necessary updates for your withholding amounts.

+How do I find my W-2? (video)

To download your W-2, login to the Employee Portal and navigate to the Tax section, and then select W-2. From here, you will select a year and click the download button to download an electronic (PDF) copy of your W-2.

Watch our video explaining how to access your tax documents:

What to do if you get hurt on the job

+What to do if you are hurt on the job? (video)

Watch our video explaining what to do if you are hurt on the job:

Employee Portal

+Where do I access the Employee Portal?

You can access the Employee Portal by clicking on the Employee Login link at the top and bottom of this page or by clicking here: Employee Login

+I need help logging into the Employee Portal

Hint: The username and password you created during your online onboarding is the same set of credentials you'll need to access the Employee Portal.

If you forgot your username or password, click the help links at the bottom of the login screen where it says "Forgot Username?" or "Forgot Password?".

If this is your first time accessing the Employee Portal, click "Register". If you get an error message that says "This employee already registered with a different username" click "Forgot Username?" instead.

If you are still having problems logging into the Employee Portal, you can send an email to support@esiaz.us or call us at (480) 719-3271. We are here to help you!

+Employee Portal Overview (video)

Watch our Employee Portal overview video:

+How do I view my paystubs? (video)
+How do I update my direct deposit? (video)
+How do I access my tax documents? (video)